Our Story

Since 2003

Sangkap Restaurant & Catering is a duly registered trade name under Tiu Group Corporation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The registration with the Bureau of Internal Revenue followed suit as VAT Registered Entity.

Sangkap Restaurant & Catering, previously named as Kusina de Ermita, was under the leadership of Myra C. Tiu and Antonio V. Tiu Jr. for 14 years before it was passed on to their daughter, Maica Geline C. Tiu. With the guidance of Chef Antonio “Tony” Tiu Jr., whom has the expertise from his wide experience working abroad, Sangkap Restaurant & Catering is bound to expand. The passion and love for good food runs around the family from generation to generation.

The vast experience and expertise of being a canteen concessionaire cannot be denied in their products and service. The team always aims to give the best to their customers. For this reason, the customers patronize the brand. The owners also believe that taking good care of the employees and their welfare will inspire them to put their heart in what they are doing.

The vision continues as they head on to greater opportunities which will preserve the taste and quality that will be passed on to the generations to come.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To serve the best quality and affordable meals by implementing strict sanitation protocols, maintaining the family’s recipe and taking good care of our employees

Our Vision

  • We want to promote the well-being of the working class citizens and make sure they do not deprive themselves with good hearty meals.
  • We will continuously strive to exceed our achievements.
  • We will be known as a leader in the industry.
  • We hope to generate more income and jobs for Filipinos.